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Need a professional website for your company? Turn to the marketing experts at Eagle Soars Consulting for a website that looks profess...


Take the limits off with our High-Impact Performance Training and Coaching™

Performance = Accomplishment/EfficiencyYour Vision + Your Team + Our Programs = High-Impact PerformanceHow much are you investing in t...


Marketing Support with our Set Your Sights™ Programs

Are you pulled in many directions during the day? Have you been able to invest the amount of time you need into marketing your busine...

Eagle Soars Consulting - Excellence in People, Products & Services

At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel a sense of accomplishment for a job well done. If you're like most business owners, executives and managers, you'll put in whatever time and effort it takes to make the business for which you are working thrive and grow. For forward progress to occur in your business, you must be confident in your message and empower your team to work toward achieving the extraordinary.

It starts with crafting a brand image that matches the mission, vision and core values of your company. It continues with telling that message through the use of effective marketing strategies. Finally, it is reinforced by your team of employees who become stakeholders in your success by demonstrating superior productivity and service when dealing with each other, customers and vendors.

Since 2002, our training and marketing professionals have helped many businesses grow and prosper. We're confident we can do the same for you!

Training that inspires and motivates...

As an affective leader you want to positively influence and inspire your team. When you identify the skills your team needs to do their jobs effectively, train them in those skills, and incorporate ways to develop and reinforce those skills, your employees will be motivated and productive. In turn, your business will grow.

Our Instructor-Led training programs are just a few of the ways we can help you empower your team. Designed to facilitate the learning process, your employees will come away with knowledge and skills they can apply right away. Every program designed by Eagle Soars Consulting includes a coaching component so your managers can then reinforce the learning. Click here for more information on Eagle Soars Consulting's human resource and training and development services.

Marketing that gets results...

When it comes to marketing, the strategies in which you invest must support your corporate brand image, but they must also bring in new business. Every business is different. Strategies that work for one business do not always work for another. That is why it is important to work with people who are knowledgeable in marketing and understand your need to market in a way that is cost-effecient and effective.

Our clients have successfully relied on us for marketing plans, advertising campaigns, web design, direct mail campaigns, logo design, and email campaigns, to name a few. More importantly, as you implement our recommendations, you will increase your customer database by dramatic proportions. One of our clients realized a 300% increase in new business once they implemented a consistent marketing plan! Click here to read about this small business marketing success story.

You're passionate about your business and so are we!


Why Marketing AND Employee Training and Development?

We have a very simple answer for this question. We believe your marketing message is a representation of your corporate image, but we also believe it extends to much more than a fancy-looking website, brochure, or ad campaign. The marketing strategies you use should be solifidying your corporate brand image, not creating it. That is where employee training and development comes into play.

The message of your corporate brand image starts with you and how well you communicate your vision. It is then re-told when employees (your most valuable asset) deal with each other, prospects, customers and vendors. Are they telling a great message about your company or one that is so-so or average?

Investing in the professional development of your employees spells a happy and productive workforce. When you provide and foster that environment, you exceed expectations which means your employees, vendors and customers will tell your great message over and over. Isn't that how great businesses are built?


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Anne Lazo, through Eagle Soars Consulting, has been handling our marketing/social media. Anne is meticulous, creative and has excellent interpersonal skills. Since GOTR began working with her in January 2013, our Facebook "likes" have increased over 65% and Twitter followers over 50%. She designed our 2013-2014 Sponsor Packet as well as a general recruitment flyer for us. She also writes and sends press releases to media throughout WNC and maintains our blog. As a new Executive Director, I have limited extra time to dev ...
Amy Renigar, Executive Director-Girls on the Run of WNC
I would gladly recommend you for both your skill and customer service (and you can use that as a quote!).
Carol Marks, Publisher of PetGazette
Great job Anne! I appreciate your diligence to get through the creative process! We are going live with our podcast and have published your artwork on Facebook! Thanks for understanding the vision and putting it on paper - https://www.facebook.com/holyprofits
Bradley Waldrop

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Flat Rock, NC, November 5, 2013 - Eagle Soars Consulting announced today the official launch of a new division of the company, Motorhead Advantage. This new division will work exclusively with auto repair shop owners to help them increase their car count and build loyal customer relationships.




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