About Eagle Soars Consulting – Our Vision, Mission & Core Values

We are marketing and training professionals who are passionate about helping our clients build businesses that are profitable and lasting.

Our Mission – To leverage the benefits of traditional business marketing and superior customer service practices with today’s technology to create positive “brand experiences.”

Our Vision – To see businesses succeed because they build loyal partnerships with employees, customers, and vendors.

Our Core Values – We are a Christian-owned company and abide by the following core values:

* Honesty* Integrity
* Respect* Durability
* Loyalty* Accountability
* Creativity* Profitability Based on Valuing People
* Generosity* Gratitude

What is Our Story?

We began our journey in 2002, under the name of Mainstay Marketing, LLC. At the time, we offered marketing and advertising services to small and mid-sized businesses. Over the years, as the business environment changed, we began to see a need to help businesses train their employees to be better leaders. In 2008, we added Training & Development services to our client offerings.

Now, more than ever, businesses must adapt to a faster pace of communicating their corporate message by incorporating new technology, but they must do so without losing a personal connection with their employees, customers and vendors. That’s where our professionals can assist.  We work with our clients on many different levels, from developing their marketing communications materials to training their employees to deliver exceptional customer service.

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