Instructor-Led Training Programs: Professional Development and Interpersonal Skills

Choose from any of our Professional Development and Interpersonal Skills programs to help your team become more effective at making presentations and communicating with others.  You can even have these instructor-led training programs customized for your organization.  All training programs are designed and led by our professional trainer who has over 15 years of practical business experience within the Training and Organizational Development field and holds several training program certifications including Achieve Global, DDI, and Ken Blanchard Companies.

Select from the following instructor-led training programs.

Presentation Skills (2 Days) – Improve presentation skills by preparing two presentations in class for videotaping and critique.  Review how to:

  • Analyze the audience
  • Develop and employ a consistent presentation format
  • Increase effectiveness of visual aids
  • Strengthen platform presentations skills to get the message across to your audience

Social Styles (1/2 to Full Day) – Learn the four social, or behavioral styles, that people use when communicating:

  • Identify your own style
  • Recognize the characteristics of the four social styles
  • Appreciate the differences that each social style brings to the work environment
  • Develop strategies for working more effectively with all social styles

The Foundation of Strategic Negotiation© (Full Day) – provides participants with a solid foundation of core strategic negotiation skills.  By the completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Define the characteristics and benefits of negotiation approaches
  • Increase leverage in a negotiation through an effective preparation process
  • Use questioning and active listening skills to gain more information prior to, or during, a negotiation meeting
  • Encourage a collaborative problem-solving approach with clients during the negotiation interaction that results in creating value for both parties

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