The Process – Training Services

When you work with the Training and Development professionals at Eagle Soars Consulting, every project starts with your company’s Mission, Vision and Core Values. Why?

Because everything you do as a business needs to be based on a strong foundation. People want to know they are doing business with a company that stands for something good. When you base all your activities on the founding principles of your business, you’ll be certain you are gaining the trust and loyalty of your customers, employees and vendors.

The Training Needs Assessment –

Through the lens of your Mission, Vision and Core Value statements, we begin by conducting an Organizational Training Needs Assessment. Here’s what we look at during this phase of the project:

Foundationally –

  • What skills, knowledge and attributes do your employees need to drive your business forward to acheive organizational goals that are in line with your core values?
  • What skills, knowledge and attitudes do you need to see in new employees?


  • How strong is your leadership bench?
  • How are you currently assessing leadership strength?
  • What leadership behaviors will you need to sustain and reinforce for your employee and organizational development?

Professional Development –

  • What specific functional, technical or interpersonal skills will employees need to grow their roles?
  • What types of career development paths exist?

Build or Buy Training Solutions Proposed –

Once the Training Needs Assessment is complete, we present a full report of our recommendations that identify appropriate Build or Buy Training Solutions. The proposed solutions will include recommendations for formal (classroom) and informal (social learning tools) events that are designed to address competency development in line with your company’s core values. The recommendations will propose ways to integrate the development planning into annual performance reviews and will also identify competency measurement tools.

Training Program Design & Development –

Once the course of action is agreed upon, we begin to work with key members of your organization to source and/or design and develop training programs.  The programs may include:

Off-the-Shelf Programs (e.g. Situational Leadership® II (SLII®))

Our Instructor-Led Training Programs (Sales & Service, Leadership & Supervisory, and Professional and Interpersonal Development)

Web-Based Training

Coaching Guides

Self-Directed Learning

Training Facilitation –

According to Merriam-Webster, the word “facilitate” means: to make easier : help bring about. The facilitators with Eagle Soars Consulting deliver your training programs in a manner that makes it easy for learners to understand and brings about a change in behavior.

At Eagle Soars Consulting, our Training Facilitators have decades of experience when it comes to delivering dynamic training programs to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Here are some of the ways we can facilitate training programs in your organization:

  1. We are certified to deliver several off-the-shelf programs like The Ken Blanchard Company’s Situational Leadership® II (SLII®), Achieve Global, and Development Dimensions, Inc.
  2. Eagle Soars Consulting’s Instructor-Led Training programs. Each program has an add-on Coaching component so your managers can reinforce and develop the learning after your employees have participated in a training module. This allows you to facilitate sustained learning to create a stronger and more cohesive work force and that makes your business operations run more profitably.
  3. If you have in-house training programs, our facilitators can deliver the program(s) to your employees.

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