The Process – Marketing Services

When you work with Eagle Soars Consulting, every project starts with going through the Business Model building process. A major part of that evaluation is reviewing your company’s Mission, Vision and Core Values. Why?

Because everything you do as a business needs to be based on a strong foundation. People want to know they are doing business with a company that stands for something good. When you base all your activities on the founding principles of your business, you’ll be certain you are gaining the trust and loyalty of your customers, employees and vendors.

Through the lens of your Mission, Vision and Core Value statements, we take a look at all the areas of your business. We’ll evaluate your current marketing materials to see if they accurately reflect your company’s core values. We’ll then help you develop new marketing and advertising campaigns that are in line with your tenets. Here are some of the areas we’ll look at during the evaluation process:


  • Is your marketing message in line with your Mission, Vision and Core Values?
  • When reading your marketing and advertising campaigns, can someone readily determine the values for which your company stands?
  • Are your marketing and advertising campaigns utilizing information that contain honest and fair content?
  • Do your marketing activites make a personal connection with the individuals you serve?
  • Is it evident to each customer that you value his or her business?

Promotions –

  • Are your promotions honoring to your company’s Mission, Vision and Core Values?
  • Do your promotions contain honest and fair content?
  • Do your employees know how to effectively present your promotions to others?
  • How successfully have you implemented try-before-you-buy processes into your promotional campaigns?

Sales –

  • Is your sales team equipped with the proper marketing tools and training to accurately demonstrate the core values of your company?
  • Are your products and/or services of the highest quality?

Fulfillment –

Warranties/After-Sales Care –

  • After the fulfillment of a sale, how do you continue to build relationships with your customers?
  • What happens when you receive a complaint from a customer?